SuAVE for Projects, Professional Associations, and Organizations

SuAVe has been routinely used to publish galleries of employees or project participants, member organizations and project stakeholders, conference posters, and grant portfolios. See several examples of these applications below.

Member galleries. Members of the Institute of Conservation Research at San Diego Zoo Global. Similar galleries have been published for UC faculty participating in joint research with Mexican partners; EarthCube project members, CZO project members, Western Big Data Hub participants, SDSC REHS Alumnis, or UCSD Doctors. In sevral such galleries authenticated users can update their information and photos directly in SuAVE.
Project portfolios. EarthCube project portfolio (May 2018), based on data from NSF Award Search. See SuAVE data publishing tutorial to learn how such datasets are published, step by step. Additional portfolios: March 2019, Sept 2019, November 2019
Also, see NSF-funded projects related to COVID-19, as of 6/14/2020.
Besides NSF, this capability of SuAVE has been used to explore grant portfolios from Alliance Healthcare Foundation, Robert Wood Jonson Foundation, and others.
Stakeholder landscapes. EarthCube Organizational Landscape, a map of related organizations compiled by the EarthCube Liaison Team. Similar applications have been developed, for the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities and other organizations. Interest Groups and Working Groups of the Research Data Alliance can be explored in a similar fashion.

More Applications