SuAVE for Libraries and Museums

SuAVE provides a new visual interface for library and museum media collections. It lets user visualize the entire collection, subset and sort it by any combination of characteristics. This page shows some examples of library and museum collections published in SuAVE

The UCSD Library is named after Dr. Seuss (Geisel). A hotly debated topic in recent news was whether Dr. Seuss was a racist, and how his views changed over years. You can explore this by yourself. Click images on the left to show a pre-built view of his war-time political cartoons tagged with term "racism". These cartoons argue against racial hiring quotas, racial prejudice, and racist propaganda. The article referenced above claims that Dr. Seuss only developed anti-racist views by the end of the war. However, you can sort these photos by year, and see that they are all from 1942. You can also explore his war-time political cartoons on such topics of "America First", "Isolationism", "Foreign Aid", sort them by countries, by World War II battles, etc. The collection is hosted by the UCSD Library, its main entry point is
This fascinating collection of Civil War photographs is maintained by the Michigan State Archives, it can be accessed here. Click images on the left to explore photos of George Armstrong Custer, who was raised in Michigan and Ohio, and served with the Union Army as a cavalry commander. He was brevetted to brigadier general at age 23, and to major general two years later, for his meritorious services at battles. This snapshot of the collection uses a filter (on the left panel) Title = Custer, George A. You can remove this filter, and continue exploring the collection, organizing it by Tags, sorting by Year, doing text search in the Description field, etc.

Several additional library and museum collections have been published: